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Our Welsh heritage

The family originate from the ancient Kingdom of Powys in central and north Wales; and specifically from a region east of the Berwyn mountains along the course of the Tanat (or Tanad) river.

The family naming system in Wales was patronymic. The son's name was linked to that of his father, to that of his grandfather's and to those of his previous male ancestors. Thus Dafydd ap Hywel ap Owain ap ... equated to - David son of Howell son of Owen son of ...

By the fifteenth century the Welsh began to adopt distinct surnames in keeping with those on the English side of the border.  Such was the change that only rarely, now in this 21st Century, does the patronymic system continue.

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The origins in time

The first of the family to include Tanat in his name was Griffith ap Evan Vaughan of Abertanat. His son David Lloyd ap Griffith ap Jevan Vichan of Abertanat continued the practice as did his grandson Jevan Lloyd ap David Lloyd of Abertanat. His greatgrandson, Jevan Lloyd Vaughan of Abertanat was born about 1485. With his wife, Elizabeth Thornes, he produced seven children:

Johanna Tanat
Mary Tanat born circa 1508
Margaretta Tannat b. circa 1514
Thomas Tanat of Abertanat b. circa 1516
John Tanat b. circa 1518
Geoffrey Tanat (Galfridus?)b. circa 1520


Catherina Tanat b. circa 1522

and so the Tanat (Tannat) surname was born.  
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Celtic Tieknot

Famous People

Many famous people trace their ancestry back to this family

Sir Tannatt William Edgeworth DAVID the famous explorer and geologist, was born on 28th January 1858, at St Fagans, Glamorganshire, Wales, eldest child of the Rev. William David, and his wife Margaret Harriette, née Thomson, from whose family came the names Tannatt and Edgeworth. During an expedition led by Ernest Shackleton, parties led by T. W. Edgeworth David became the first to climb Mount Erebus and to reach the South Magnetic Pole. He died in 1934.

Dr. Thomas Edwin Pryce-Tannatt was born in 1881 and lived until 1965. He was a doctor of medicine and the editor of Salmon and Trout Association magazine. In 1912 he changed careers, being appointed the Inspector of Salmon Fisheries in the board of Agriculture and Fisheries. He was an early conservationist and the sponsor of several important pieces of legislation to preserve Salmon and freshwater fisheries. He authored one of the most famous books on tying full dress Atlantic Salmon Flies titled "How to Dress Salmon Flies" and another book, "Meditations of a Middle Aged Angler".

Thomas Tannatt PRYCE (VC, MC & Bar) was born in The Hague on 17th January 1886. He was 32 years old, and an Acting Captain in the 4th Bn., Grenadier Guards when he was killed near Vieux Berquin, on 12th April 1918, while commanding No.2 Company. He was "last seen engaged in a fierce hand-to-hand struggle against overwhelming odds" and was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross.

Across the “pond” from Wales, in the “New World” many Tannatts have left their marks, including Thomas Redding TANNATT (1853-1913), a famous General and civil engineer, Kate Tannatt WOODS was a prolific authoress during the 1880 to 1900 period with titles including “Zintha’s Fortune” (1883), “Leshia” (1889), “Diana and the Hunt Ball” (1890) and “Jim’s Kid” (1900).

Many other famous people have Tannatt blood coursing through their veins, but that is to be the subject of another Tannatt web-site.

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Favourite Links and Credits

Other Genealogy Sites, including:-
1901censusonline.com, Ancestry.co.uk, Familyrecords.gov.uk,
and Genesreunited.co.uk


Credit is given to the following graphics websites, all of which served as an inspiration and some of which contributed graphics used within this website. 
Aon-Celtic.com, Celtic-Clipart.co.uk, Flags.net,
GraphicFreebies.com, Theodora.com,
WallpaperOriginals.com, WebClipArt.about.com,
and Webomator.com


and, last but not least,
a few pleasant photos

The wonderful Charlie ,

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